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Monday, March 22, 2010

South Tipperary Vocational Education Committee (VEC)

South Tipperary – Training for this area will be held at the Craft Granary 26th April 2010, if you have not already done so please contact Teresa to register.
This project is being run for craft workers from South Tipperary initially. If you are a craft worker in Carlow, Wexford, Waterford or Kilkenny and would like to participate in this training in your county then please contact Teresa to register your interest.
As the state provider of education for the County the VEC’s remit is the provision of a comprehensive range of quality education programmes to meet the needs of the community.

These include Second Level Education, Post Leaving Certificate Programmes, Further Education, Second Chance and Adult & Community Education.

As part of the Craft Granary’s ongoing efforts to provide opportunities for craft workers in the South East region we are planning to host a training session given by the South Tipperary VEC. The VEC provide a wide range of courses in various subjects, they draw from their panel of tutors to provide these courses. The aim of this training session will be to present the craft worker with the opportunity of applying to become a tutor on this panel.

This training will provide participating craft workers with an overview of what is expected from VEC tutors and the benefits of being a tutor. Some of the subjects covered will be the principles of adult education, facilitation of workshops, completion of attendance records, etc.

Please send the following information to to register your interest.

Craft discipline:
Do you currently give workshops?

Although it is not necessary to have teaching experience we would like to hear about any teaching experience you have or any other experience you believe relevant.

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